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B7 - Oh... Shit! Run! (wi B7 - Oh... Shit! Run! (wi

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i like it quite a bit from 0:54 onward to some part it sounds like you were playing a bit from a song from megadeth-tornado of souls lol but still great keep going with your great work but the comment from blackmetaria sucks that you have women who do that :\ in Aus we half who are gaming women and half who are the sluts

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Burn7 responds:

Hah, I've never actually heard that song. I was a Metallica as a kid, and didn't really listen to Megadeth. So I'm totally not stealing riffs or melodies.

I would totally consider moving to Australia if it weren't for the weird ass fucking MONSTER animals you have over there. You know, the "spiders so big they have health bars" thing? I'm pretty sure it's true. And killer jellyfish and boxing kangaroos named Jack, come on!